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Guide to electric car insurance

Once a futuristic pipe dream, electric cars are now a staple of modern day streets and motorways. Whether you’re considering a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, or going fully electric with Tesla or Nissan Leaf, you’ll be weighing up the environmental and financial benefits with challenges...

How ready are you for your new pet?

Sensible measures and clear boundaries can get lost in the excitement of the impending arrival of a new pet. But the happy occasion can soon lose its sheen if you’ve overlooked important steps towards a stress-free transition from no pet, to new responsibilities.   Pet-proofingAn overly anxious...

Artisan businesses are on the rise

The artisan revolution has arrived. The days of fawning over big brand names are long gone, with consumers drawn to products produced in small batches, made by hand or locally sourced. While the trend for artisanal values has evidenced itself in trades as varied as jewellers...

What kinds of business need commercial insurance?

Building a business is a bit like raising a child: you nurture it through the delicate early stages, then all of a sudden the company finds its feet and the risks start multiplying. Scaling up is hugely exciting, but as the pace of trade quickens,...

How to work productively while travelling

Travelling for work can be a costly inconvenience, eating into employee time which could be spent working. But with a little preparation, time spent travelling between meetings can be just as productive as office hours….   Plan your Wi-Fi accessAccessing the internet is key to being travel...

Is crowdfunding taking over traditional non-profit fundraising?

Fundraising has come a long way since pushing leaflets through doors, school fetes and packing shopping bags. Whilst these methods still have their place, charitable giving has faced a seismic shift since digital funding platforms were introduced into everyday society. More than ever, you’re in...

How IR35 changes will affect contractors in 2020

Typically referred to as IR35, the Intermediaries Legislation was implemented in 2000 to tackle tax avoidance by contractors who did the work of permanent employees but bill through their services via limited companies. By doing so, such contractors could avoid being taxed in the same...

Digital car dealerships – what to think about

More and more prospective car buyers are looking to buy online rather than visiting dealerships in person. This is helpful for car dealerships in many respects, allowing you to sell more cars from many locations and manufacturers all in one place. With so many options...

What you need to know about becoming a landlord

Thinking of letting out your property? Here’s what you should consider before you do.  Be prepared to work all hours Being a landlord is not a 9-5 job and while there will be plenty of days where you can dictate your own schedule, there will be many...

Who should be on your Incident Response Team?

Nobody hopes for a business catastrophe, but the best entrepreneurs will plan for one. Whether it’s flooding after a natural disaster which damages stock and premises, or a server outage which prevents online orders, “unforeseen circumstances” can wreak a wide scope of havoc on your business.   How long could your business...