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What happens when good trade credit goes bad?

Trade credit enables businesses to exchange goods or services without an immediate cash transaction. Instead, the businesses make an agreement for the buyer to pay the amount owed in a fixed period of time. This service can be extremely beneficial for businesses without the immediate...

Is now the time to buy or sell a used car?

It’s thought that spring or autumn is the best time to buy a used car as new number plate formats are introduced In March and September. At this time of year, dealers find themselves with an excess of cars in stock that they’re looking to...

When are landlords allowed to access their property?

As a residential landlord, you tread a fine line between actively maintaining your property while leaving tenants to live in peace.   What is a landlord’s right of entry? Tenants are likely to regard the property as their home. Under “the covenant for quiet enjoyment”, UK law entitles...

5 ways restaurant tech can boost your food business

Running a restaurant or food business requires a multi-faceted approach. You must think not just about the food and drink you sell, but also the atmosphere, your staff, maintaining your premises and controlling stock. Thankfully, technology is here to help. While some restaurant tech – such...

Considering a big career change?

It’s easy to set yourself on a career path you’re not entirely happy with, only to realise it’s not too late to reset the counter and try your hand at something entirely different. Or perhaps you’ve woken up one day with a burning desire to start...

5 signs of faulty wiring

We’re a nation of DIY fanatics, but there are definitely occasions when a job calls for a professional. Faulty wiring can cause little annoyances to real dangers, including exposed live wires and electrical fires. Old style fuse-boxes are a good indication that a property hasn’t been...

5 tips to pass your driving test first time

There’s no freedom quite like the freedom to drive wherever you want to go, whenever you want. Both the theory element and the practical assessment can be tricky to get right first time, and learner drivers need all the help they can get, along with...

Thinking of a garden office? Here are three things to consider

It’s often said that living quarters and working areas should be kept entirely separate to strike the right balance between productivity on the job and a happy home life. But not everyone has the luxury of an extra room, and even if they do, its primary...

Transforming the construction industry with 5G technology

Although there’s still a long way to go with its implementation, 5G is already making waves in the areas it’s available. EE, Europe’s largest 4G provider, launched the service in select cities in May 2019 and has confirmed a wider rollout across the UK in...

Guide to electric car insurance

Once a futuristic pipe dream, electric cars are now a staple of modern day streets and motorways. Whether you’re considering a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, or going fully electric with Tesla or Nissan Leaf, you’ll be weighing up the environmental and financial benefits with challenges...