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Buying vs. leasing equipment: which is right for your business?

As a business owner, you will inevitably need to update your business equipment at some point – whether it’s investing in new computer hardware or replacing old machinery with the latest versions. Renovating your equipment can have far-reaching positive impacts, from keeping up with ever-changing technology...

Changing jobs? Make sure you let your car insurer know

Your car insurance is determined by a series of factors based on your lifestyle and the vehicle you’re driving.  These include your age, location and your profession. If you undergo a major life change such as new job or promotion, it’s important to not only...

How to get your business ready for the digital tax turnover

For the VAT period commencing 2019, the way that many businesses record tax will be changing. These changes will be applicable for all businesses whose taxable VAT turnover exceeds the registration threshold, which currently stands at £85,000. For those with a turnover below this amount,...

Don’t go far: the staycation is on the rise once again

It seems that British holidaymakers are taking advantage of popular city locations and the falling pound in their droves, as a renowned UK Aparthotel company sees a jump in interest. Roomzzz which provides award-winning serviced apartments to city breakers in Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Chester and Nottingham,...

Teaching children the dangers of malware

Many people allow their children to access their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones at home. Even if the kids use their own personal devices, these are linked to the family network and can easily be connected to each other. But what happens if they...

Should your bar be hosting esports events?

Esports, or electronic sports, have a huge following worldwide, especially amongst younger crowds. Whilst it doesn’t yet pull in the same crowds as football, it shouldn’t be long before esports gains mainstream recognition. The fanbase at present is passionate about the sport so those who...

Vienna crowned the world’s most liveable city, so when are you going?

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has listed 140 cities and their ‘liveability’ for over two decades now, but this year sees the first European city to top the list. Vienna’s cultural heritage, the range of museums and clean streets topped the likes of Melbourne, Tokyo...

Pampered pets: the rise of dog grooming

The United Kingdom’s pet care market is one of the biggest in Europe, with 44% of people claiming to own a pet of some sort. And we’re willing to spend on them. Research suggests the retail value of pet care products in the UK topped a record-breaking £7.16bn in 2016,...

First aid training is vital for manufacturers

Accidents happen, but the manufacturing sector is exposed to a significantly higher risk of personal injury at work than other industries. Each year, around 3% of manufacturing industry workers suffers an illness they believe to be work related. First aid is a vital skill in all...