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Could you save money with multi-trip travel insurance?

When going on a trip, a quarter of travellers buy their single-trip travel insurance at the last minute, often opting for the cheapest deal available. While this may seem like a cost-effective option at the time, this strategy will not only leave you at risk...

What landlords should look out for in 2019

Landlords have already seen the effects of a reduction on the tax reliefs they can claim, and more big changes are planned to happen over 2019. Yet, with Brexit still in negotiations and the future of the country still in a state of flux, nothing...

5 questions to ask yourself before buying a home abroad

As the temperature drops and memories of sun-filled holidays fade, it’s understandable that many of us want a little more permanency to our relaxed holiday state. Buying a property in our favourite holiday spot seems like the perfect solution; but before you charge ahead on the...

Dealing with the summer months as a restaurateur

Summer is often the busiest seasons for those running food establishments and with the right planning in place, you can ensure that things run smoothly and successfully over this period. We take a look at what you need to consider in order to ensure your...

Maintaining the value of your supercar

For many, buying a supercar or hypercar is a lifelong dream. But simply driving it off the forecourt can slice the value off it. Maintaining any vehicle protects its value, safety, efficiency and performance, but it’s much more important for exotic vehicles. Of course, supercars are...

Business travel: how to stay safe

How can you stay safe abroad? We’re all familiar with the usual holiday advice, such as keeping valuables out of sight and taking out travel insurance. Are the risks of business travel any different? There certainly are some key factors that make the risks of business...

Here are 4 of the most popular car modifications

Did you know that something as simple as adding a sticker to your car counts as a modification and needs to be declared to your insurer? Whilst for many of us, that’s the extent of our tampering, vehicle modification has become second-nature for many car...

How much is your mobile really worth?

Since the iPhone was released in 2007, Apple Inc. has released 13 upgraded models through to 2017. While the original models may garner more attention due to nostalgia, the iPhone 3GS will now get you around £20, if you’re lucky. That’s a far cry from...

Should you insure your engagement ring?

Your significant other has popped the question and presented you with a beautiful ring for you to wear as a symbol of your commitment. But what happens if you damage your treasured ring? Or it’s lost or stolen? We take a look at the factors...

A guide to care home insurance

Insurance for care homes is a specialist insurance type since there are so many issues which could arise. Not only does your insurance need to protect the care you give, but you also need to consider the regulatory bodies you adhere to, protection for your...