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11 ways to stay safe when parking up

In 2016, a survey carried out by YourParkingSpace revealed that one in three motorists in the UK have felt uneasy in a car park, with 23% of female drivers citing personal safety as a main concern when choosing a place to park. While car parks are...

Fear of the flood? Read these top tips!

There was no sign of the white stuff last Christmas; instead, storms Eva and Desmond tore through the UK, bringing with them heavy winds and torrential downpours that made December the wettest month ever on record. At an estimated cost of over £1.5bn, many regions of...

Getting your food truck ready for festival season

Working the festivals this season? Here’s how you can make the most of your pitch this summer… Get your stall ‘on point’ Not only does your stall need to look the part at a festival, but you also need to ensure your product and prices are clearly...

Four home repair jobs you should never ignore

If you notice something has gone awry in your home, it can be tempting to leave it until it actually becomes an issue. However, no matter how minor a leak, or how busy your life, it’s important to deal with certain issues as soon as...

The most searched insurance questions… answered

  Insurance can feel like opening doors behind doors behind doors. Unlike almost every other product you buy, you don’t feel the benefit of insurance until something bad happens. And while we all need insurance, we buy it hoping we don’t have to use it. When something...

Buying a business

While starting from scratch can be rewarding in its own right, buying an existing business can offer a variety of benefits, from inheriting a loyal customer base and established brand name to drawing on the experience of any existing employees. If you already run businesses or...

Can you really trust hotel booking sites?

Following a probe by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), from 1st September 2019, hotel booking websites will now be subject to new regulations surrounding their current selling tactics. Concerns were raised following issues such as pressure selling, misleading information and hidden charges. This information implied...

How to switch off as a small business owner

According to a study conducted by Simply Business, almost half of small business owners cancel social plans at least once a week because they are too busy with work-related matters and 25% have fallen ill due to stress and overwork. As a small business owner,...

How to become a personal trainer

An ever-increasing profession, personal trainers are usually self-employed and enjoy their own schedule of new and existing clients mixed with their own training, often all in the same gym. Aside from an enthusiasm for fitness, what do you need to become a personal trainer? Much like a...

Which new car models are most susceptible to keyless theft?

Just purchased a brand-new car? Even though it comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect of a newer model, it might not be as secure from break-ins as you would expect. The Relay Attack In response to a new criminal technique of exploiting cars...