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Teaching children the dangers of malware

Many people allow their children to access their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones at home. Even if the kids use their own personal devices, these are linked to the family network and can easily be connected to each other. But what happens if they...

Should your bar be hosting esports events?

Esports, or electronic sports, have a huge following worldwide, especially amongst younger crowds. Whilst it doesn’t yet pull in the same crowds as football, it shouldn’t be long before esports gains mainstream recognition. The fanbase at present is passionate about the sport so those who...

Vienna crowned the world’s most liveable city, so when are you going?

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has listed 140 cities and their ‘liveability’ for over two decades now, but this year sees the first European city to top the list. Vienna’s cultural heritage, the range of museums and clean streets topped the likes of Melbourne, Tokyo...

Pampered pets: the rise of dog grooming

The United Kingdom’s pet care market is one of the biggest in Europe, with 44% of people claiming to own a pet of some sort. And we’re willing to spend on them. Research suggests the retail value of pet care products in the UK topped a record-breaking £7.16bn in 2016,...

First aid training is vital for manufacturers

Accidents happen, but the manufacturing sector is exposed to a significantly higher risk of personal injury at work than other industries. Each year, around 3% of manufacturing industry workers suffers an illness they believe to be work related. First aid is a vital skill in all...

Sudden sanctions – Dealing with a liability claim

If you’re dealing with a legal dispute and don’t know who to turn to, there are ways of seeking legal advice which do not cost the earth. The most common commercial disputes range from non-payment of goods or services, misrepresentation or contracted goods being of...

320,000 homeless people in the UK and rising, say Shelter

Whilst the UK government begins to implement lofty plans to eradicate homelessness completely, the reality, say Shelter, is somewhat different. The charity estimate a minimum of 320,000 people are homeless in Britain and suggest this estimate could well be conservative. The figures include those living rough...

Thrill seekers abroad – insuring your adventure break

The majority of travel policies won’t cover activities that could be considered dangerous due to the increased level of risk involved. Here’s what you should think about when planning an adventure break. 1) Check if all activities are included under your existing insurance planIf you have...

What makes a good bar? Tips from the 50 best bars in the world

People go to bars for all types of reasons. It could be astounding drinks they’re after or a world-class food menu. Perhaps it’s the music or the atmosphere, or it could be a haunt for the famous. Whatever you’re after, here are some top tips...