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Check your Christmas insurance list twice

The fridge is stocked, the bar is full, and the rails and shelves are groaning under the weight of a pre-emptive Christmas spending spree. And then, disaster strikes in one form or another. Works down the road cut off your power supply, and all the food in...

The rise of the boutique gym

The UK wellness and fitness market is set to grow from £ in 2010 to £22.8bn in 2020. As the sector continues to grow, new entrants and existing fitness chains alike are having to diversify their offering to give customers something different and stand them apart...

How Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance is set to change for 2020

Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Insurance protects a businesses’ senior staff against a number of insured wrongful acts. In the past, this has been a reliable means of protection for many business directors. However, the landscape of D&O cover is now changing. We take a look...

Can crowdfunding save a small business?

Many start-up businesses rely on crowdfunding to help move their ideas from concept to reality. They do this by demonstrating the value of their product or service through designated crowdfunding platforms using business plans, demonstrative videos and value-based incentives. This is a great way to...

What kinds of business need commercial insurance?

Building a business is a bit like raising a child: you nurture it through the delicate early stages, then all of a sudden the company finds its feet and the risks start multiplying. Scaling up is hugely exciting, but as the pace of trade quickens,...

Is crowdfunding taking over traditional non-profit fundraising?

Fundraising has come a long way since pushing leaflets through doors, school fetes and packing shopping bags. Whilst these methods still have their place, charitable giving has faced a seismic shift since digital funding platforms were introduced into everyday society. More than ever, you’re in...

How IR35 changes will affect contractors in 2020

Typically referred to as IR35, the Intermediaries Legislation was implemented in 2000 to tackle tax avoidance by contractors who did the work of permanent employees but bill through their services via limited companies. By doing so, such contractors could avoid being taxed in the same...

3 financial threats to SMEs

Problems in running your small business are just as likely to be financial as they are physical, and in the whirlwind of keeping customers happy, ensuring you’re trading effectively, and paying suppliers on time, there are things that fall by the wayside. But these areas...

A tale of two businesses

Mark and Sally both want to make a go of running a small business in their local town. Mark wants to open a local antique store, while Sally has her sights set on opening a small boutique on the bustling riverside.  Both budding entrepreneurs grew up...

Find out how the manufacturing industry could go green by 2050

Due to capex or ‘capital expenditure’ constraints and the rising costs of mainstream energy options, many companies will find it difficult to make major changes to their operations in time for the 2050 deadline. However, a recent report by Aggreko found that a decentralised energy...