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Are we building too many homes?

A slow drive through a British town or city usually reveals the construction of a whole new estate, or several in many cases. It’s the result of a crisis Britain has been going through for what feels like decades. In theory, 300,000 new homes per...

Here are 5 of the rarest vinyl records on the market

Since their initial release in the late 40’s, vinyl records have been popular amongst both younger and older generations alike. Having thought to be a dying breed when compact discs – or CDs – came into the picture, they enjoyed a post-millennium resurgence and sales...

Teaching children the dangers of malware

Many people allow their children to access their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones at home. Even if the kids use their own personal devices, these are linked to the family network and can easily be connected to each other. But what happens if they...

Moving house? Here are 10 top tips to get you started

Moving home is an exciting prospect, especially if you’ve bought the property. Yet the stress accumulated in the lead-up can often spill overboard come move-in day, making you wish you’d never bothered moving in the first place. That being said, it’s probably the moving out part...