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How IR35 changes will affect contractors in 2020

Typically referred to as IR35, the Intermediaries Legislation was implemented in 2000 to tackle tax avoidance by contractors who did the work of permanent employees but bill through their services via limited companies. By doing so, such contractors could avoid being taxed in the same...

Digital car dealerships – what to think about

More and more prospective car buyers are looking to buy online rather than visiting dealerships in person. This is helpful for car dealerships in many respects, allowing you to sell more cars from many locations and manufacturers all in one place. With so many options...

Who should be on your Incident Response Team?

Nobody hopes for a business catastrophe, but the best entrepreneurs will plan for one. Whether it’s flooding after a natural disaster which damages stock and premises, or a server outage which prevents online orders, “unforeseen circumstances” can wreak a wide scope of havoc on your business.   How long could your business...

3 financial threats to SMEs

Problems in running your small business are just as likely to be financial as they are physical, and in the whirlwind of keeping customers happy, ensuring you’re trading effectively, and paying suppliers on time, there are things that fall by the wayside. But these areas...

Review to a kill: How important are online reviews of your business?

Reputation is a measurement of how much you are trusted by a relevant community – your customers, suppliers, the public and other businesses. But since the invention of the internet, it has never been easier or quicker for a brand’s reputation to be damaged – and...

What it’s like to adopt and care for a senior pet

With charities like the RSPCA, Dog’s Trust and many smaller organisations taking in pets who can no longer stay with their owners, animals have a temporary place to stay until they move onto their forever homes. Sadly, some animals stay in shelters much longer than...

A tale of two businesses

Mark and Sally both want to make a go of running a small business in their local town. Mark wants to open a local antique store, while Sally has her sights set on opening a small boutique on the bustling riverside.  Both budding entrepreneurs grew up...

What to look for in accounting software

Not all small businesses and sole traders have an accountant, let alone an accounts department, at their disposal. Cloud based accounting software apps have risen to the challenge of providing a way to keep books in order, without the costly outlay of a PC-based package. Cloud-based...

5 hidden costs of launching your own start-up company

We are a nation of start-ups, it would seem, with the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures revealing the number of self-employed people in the UK reached 4.77 million by the end of 2016. Offering freedom from the restrictions of traditional employment and the...

Find out how the manufacturing industry could go green by 2050

Due to capex or ‘capital expenditure’ constraints and the rising costs of mainstream energy options, many companies will find it difficult to make major changes to their operations in time for the 2050 deadline. However, a recent report by Aggreko found that a decentralised energy...